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with the natural wisdom of the earth and know the best version of yourself.

Our adaptogenic herbal and mushroom medicine brings mental clarity, tranquility and balance.  

We are passionate about the fungi kingdom!

We observe and study the growth and miraculous benefits that this kingdom brings to our species.

We have decided to start this adventure in the production and elaboration  of supplements with high medicinal powers because we are convinced of the well-being that it brings to the

mental and physical health  from  our users.


Our team is made of many people that participate in a direct or indirect way for the co-creation of Eukariote.


The idea arrives in 2021 when Fabian does a partnership with his neighbourn that cultivates mushrooms at his house. Immediatly they decided to get into the adaptogen mushrooms world. 

Fabian began his path from an early age at the Ranch

of his grandfather when observing the agricultural corn crops, where he found himself fascinated by the natural process of plant growth.

Years later he decided to delve deeper into the study

of life and nature by doing the Biology career that he took at the University of Guadalajara (UDG). He specialized in edible mushroom culture (Pleorotus ostreatus).  He continued his training studying a Diploma in Organic Agriculture and Permaculture at the University of Guadalajara.​

In 2009 he traveled to England to do an internship of Science, Consciousness and Matter at the Schumacher College as part of the Univertity of Playmouth. 

Afterwards he moved to Thailand to get the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) at Panya Project. He finishes his studies going to Australia to do a 10 week internship at the Permaulture Research Institute (PRI). 

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